Here is a few areas that my work has been published or blog challenges that have been won:


October- November 2017 issue
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Scrapbook Special 2017 issue

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That's mine on the front page !
C'est ma page sur la couverture !

 Scrapbook Extra: Vol 6-No2
Scrapbook Extra: Vol 6-No4
Scrapbook Extra: Vol 7-No1
Scrapbook Extra: Vol 7-No2

Canadian Scrapbooker: Fall 2011 & Summer 2012

Esprit Scrapbooking No27

Scrapbooking Tout Simplement Clodine No 08

Featured Scrapper of the Month at Scrap Aux Puces Forum for January 2016

Blog Challenges:

More than Words December 2016

The Nifty Pixel:

Special Investigator January 2016:

Special Investigator January 2015:

CSI Guest Detective:

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